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Each order of appetizers serves 50 people. Surprise your guests with a variety of choices!

We will help you plan your catering menu. Let us know about the number of guests you're expecting and we'll make sure they enjoy a delicious feast at your event.

Sometimes a delicious selection of appetizers from Gleason Catering is all you need to keep your guests happy.

Appetizers To Go

Cheese Tray

Meat Tray

Meat and Cheese Tray

Fruit Tray

Relish Tray and Dill Dip

2 Shrimp Trays

2 Cheese Balls and Crackers

Crab Stuffed Celery

Ham and Pickle Roll-Ups

Taco Roll-Ups

Serves 50 people per item

Prices are subject to change.

Cream Puff

Deviled Eggs

Veggie Pizza

Fruit Pizza

Mini Cream Puffs

Nachos and Cheese

Chicken Drummies (2-3 per serving)

Cocktail Meatballs (2-3 per serving)

Cocktail Sausages (2-3 per serving)

Open-Faced Sandwiches (75 slices)

Finger Sandwiches

Prices are subject to change.

Appetizers To Go

Serves 50 people per item